Truquilemu Vineyard
Empedrado – Maule Valley
Carignan Field-blend

In a Nutshell

– Over 12 harvests in Truqui two distinct personalities emerged: now 2 wines

– Our Truquilemu V. is now fermented with more whole clusters

– and Syrah in the blend lends helps round things out and lends texture

– Treating two pieces of the vineyard differently has highlighted 2 distinct personalities

– Truquilemu V. has become more ethereal for the separation.

House note
“It has abundant, fine-grained and chalky tannins and is nicely textured Characterful, floral, subtle and really elegant… … the tannins are very fine grained…– LG

  • VarietalCarignan
  • VintageSince 2013
  • D.O.Empedrado - Maule Valley
  • Bottles filled6 000 approx.

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