Cru Truquilemu & Vigno

What is a Cru ?

Fermenting smaller blocks of Truquilemu separately over 12 harvests two distinct personalities emerged. A triangular block closer to the creek next to the vineyard has less natural yield. It developed greater concentration and a darker more brooding personality. So we fermented it with more stems and mostly Nadalie Noisette Toast barrels 3-4 use, and introduced a smidgeon of Syrah [from the other side of the creek] to lend weight, depth and texture.

We have bottled it separately from our Truquilemu Vineyard since 2018. 2020 will be released shortly having almost 2 years in bottle (min) before release.

Cru is NOT the cream off the top of our well-known Truquilemu V., nor does it have more oak, but rather it is a second of two wines with distinct personalities from the same vineyard. Each is treated differently to accentuate its distinct personality.

  • Cru is born a more sturdy wine with extra stuffing and more tension. She benefits from a kind of buttressing effect that more liberal inclusion of stems produces.
  • Truquilemu V. has become more ethereal for the separation.

In 2018 both wines have less alcohol, and more flavour than ever, but most of all they reveal more layers [capas] with time.

Both will develop for many years (10+) given their bright natural acidity and precisely captured fruit-based tannins, but Cru is destined for longer life in bottle. 

What is Vigno ?

Vigno is a Carignan producer’s group. We helped co-found the group ten years ago in 2011 to help revive a variety that was downtrodden and under-appreciated. A lot has happened in just a decade, but the vines had a 7o year head start so it is easy to understand why.

Over the past few years leading critics of the world have tasted the wines (the group together) on various occasions and the wines have garnered some of the highest [and or THE highest] recognition/scores in Chilean wine full stop.

To think an old-vine Carignan from a little-known corner of the Maule could rival the blue-chip efforts in the Maipo is astounding– until you taste the wines and you realise these old vines have something extraordinary to offer the world. Forget what you know of Carignan in the South of France. Forget Priorat. Vigno is truly unique.

Buyers, uncannily say “ wow that isn’t Chilean at all” and yet it is, in point of fact it is more Chilean than the supermarket merlot they think is Chile.

Truquilemu Vineyard