Truquilemu Vineyard

In a Nutshell

The wonders of decomposed granite soils and ancestral farming A brooder– florality and complexity

House note
Taut, tangy and refreshing, with plenty of freshness and minerality, this is a tight, stony, blackfruited number with top notes of fennel and thyme, a hint of bacon and long, focused finish.

  • VarietalSyrah
  • VintageSince 2018
  • D.O.Empedrado - Maule Valley
  • Bottles filled4 500 approx.

Frosts comes every year to some of the vineyards that are closer to the coast and higher on the Coastal Range. It can be a nuisance but on many occasions the old plants have a second budding that comes stronger than one would expect — el Profe explains. #gwcotruquilemuvineyard #gwcoworks #gwcovintage2023 #gwcogente ...

Spongy granitic sand - wet sponge — #gwcopoda #gwcotruquilemuvineyard #gwcoworks ...

Getting close to the end of the cutting #gwcotruquilemuvineyard #gwcoharvest2022 ...

Let’s hope the nights aren’t too cold — cooler zones make for nervous Octobers #gwcotruquilemuvineyard #gwcocover ...