Phoenix Ferment
Secano Interior Cauquenes
Single Ferment Series

In a Nutshell
Phoenix is sourced from various families who form a part of our working team. It has become a kind of convoy picking day with small quantities picked in various sites. In this way we insure that more families benefit from the proper price paid for these grapes.

House note
This wine will likely surprise you as it did us when we first made it. It’s surprisingly floral and aromatic, fresh and clean, with a vibrant palate, focused and delicious.

  • VarietalPaís, Carignan
  • VintageSince 2017
  • D.O.Secano Interior Cauquenes
  • Bottles filled5 000 approx.
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Third rendition of Phoenix cooly finishing in its own time - 18 cel. #gwcophoenix #gwcofieldcraft