País 215 BC Ferment
Secano Interior – Cauquenes
Single Ferment Series

In a Nutshell
– A winery was making País in Portezuelo in 1548. (documented)

– Cab Sauv (cross of CF & SB) is documented from 1763 (near Bordeaux)

– The difference: 1763 – 1548 = 215 thus: 215 yrs before Cabernet

Single Ferment Series wines include fruit from more than one parcel or vineyard site and are (co-fermented) ¨in one single ferment ¨ All of the fruit does not enter the tank at same time and we simply stack on top of the fermenting tank when the next fruit is ripe — one single ferment one single wine.

House note
Darker [and more serious] than many País out there with proper complexity and depth, ripe flavors and round tannins without ‘rusticity’. This is the character of the grape on granite soils made in small lots with focus.

  • VarietalPaís
  • VintageSince 2015
  • D.OSecano Interior, Cauquenes
  • Bottles filled6 500
Proud as punch to have Old-vine Revival in the @systembolaget cheers to @handpickedsweden and our crew for making the best of difficult times and bottling some lip smackingly delicious juice whilst we revived some gorgeous old vines Skal ! @prochilemaule @singleferments #gwcorevival #gwcopais
El ingrediente esencial ¿qué tal? 🍇🌱

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Viñedo Bagual - Calivoro Viejo 🍇

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