Isidore Vineyard
Semillón – #F_

In a Nutshell
Today’s wine business would have the small modernise: spray instead of cultivate, scale instead of focus, above all reduce the cost of labour. But it’s the labour that unlocks the flavour of the wisdom of farming passed down through the ages. We call it fieldcraft. Just imagine old vineyards being shunned, not because they stopped making wonderful wine, but because modern day business claims they are too small to fill a truck, too far away from a paved road, they cannot be worked with a tractor nor can they be picked by a machine.

House note
Amber in color this wine smells of lemon, candle wax and bee pollen with a hint of flor/ orange that adds complexity. In the mouth, lemon juice, candied lemon peel and a touch of bee pollen mixed with white flowers and honey (without the sweetness). High acid with faint chalky texture make this a mouthwatering package. Tasty and with time in the glass: vast. A portion of the wine sat on its skin for 8 months, but with little oxygen. 13% alcohol.

  • VarietalSemillón
  • VintageSince 2018
  • D.O.Maule Valley
  • Bottles filled2 000 approx.