Bagual Vineyard
Caliboro – Maule Valley
Garnacha Field-blend

In a Nutshell
The vineyard is next the Perquilauquen River which flows from the Coastal Range East towards the Andes and creates a very unique terroir that is at once alluvial and granitic– very rare passes through old Calivoro bringing granitic silt. This vineyard has two deep esteros on each side that lend it terrific drainage. The Perquilauquen is wide through this section like a narrow lake and this water body lends the fruit cooler conditions than neighboring Melosal or Loncomilla.

House note
This is a rich and layered red with plum and berry character, spicy, floral and subtle, it has a dark ruby color, darker than most Garnachas, earthy and organic. The palate is sinewy, with nice acidity and the fine tannins of the Garnacha, perfectly integrated oak and a very tasty finish.

  • VarietalGarnacha
  • VintageSince 2013
  • D.O.Maule Valley
  • Bottles filled5 500 approx.

Frosts comes every year to some of the vineyards that are closer to the coast and higher on the Coastal Range. It can be a nuisance but on many occasions the old plants have a second budding that comes stronger than one would expect — el Profe explains. #gwcotruquilemuvineyard #gwcoworks #gwcovintage2023 #gwcogente ...

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Getting close to the end of the cutting #gwcotruquilemuvineyard #gwcoharvest2022 ...

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