In a nutshell

We revive old vineyards

-- diamonds in the rough

Practicing regenerative farming

-- healthier fruit makes for more flavourful wine

Working elbow to elbow in the community

-- 1st generation grassroots entrepreneurship, focus on small farmers

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Do old vines make great wine because they are old?
— or are they old because they make great wine?

-- Anonymous


Pilar Miranda
CEO - Co-founder

Agro Engineer Winemaker - Universidad de Chile
· Company keel
· Enjoys navigating complexity
· Board of Directors Vigno, MoVI,
· Structured like fine wine

Derek Mossman

Canadian expat
· MA Comparative literature Columbia U.
· Arrived Chile as ski coach (summer training)
· Learned wine hands-on in the cellar
· Status quo denier
· Insurgent entrepreneur
· Still curious

Alvaro Peña

-PhD Viticulture UP Madrid
· Wine scientist/ researcher / Profe U de Chile
· Technical counter-point for GWCo to escape Chilean wine’s comfort zone -- with a lab and method behind the madness

Ernesto Müller

- PhD Viticulture U de Chile FEN
· Entrepreneur / transformational thinker
· Wine-trade veteran
· Old-vines champion
· Incapable of sitting still










Vineyard parcels

Critics & Press

Partners & Testimonials

"The wines have depth and keep the freshness, the character of the vintage, the grapes and especially the places where they are grown. A name to follow, among the most exciting in Chile. Tasting the whole range is one of the highlights of my Chilean report every year"

Luis Gutierrez

Wine Advocate

"Garage Wine Company is one of the most exciting producers in South America and its heartbeat, Derek Mossman Knapp, is an eno-inspiration to a nation. Pioneers in preserving the living patrimony of Chile's old-vines, Garage advocates for regenerative agriculture in collaboration with the small vignerons”

Evan Goldstein

Master Sommelier

¨Garage Wine Co. is our Winery of the Year 2021 — and without doubt the most essential and disruptive Chilean winery of the last decade.¨

Ana Maria Barahona